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Rucksack, Daysacks, Hydro Packs And Binoculars

Whether you are an avid rambler, hiker, runner, or just simply enjoy a good long stroll from time to time, Leisureshack offers solutions to your needs for carrying the essentials with you that you may require on a day out. Our range of Coleman & highlander rucsacks, daysacks and hydro packs have some exciting new styles as well as some fantastic features which should hopefully cater for all your needs. Whether it be, food, drink, clothes,or emergency shelter equipment, Leisureshack can help you to meet these outdoor needs.

We now have a range of gelert compact binoculars under the rambling section above, these binoculars are great for everyday general use, from travelling, to watching wildlife and sporting events.
Choosing the binoculars that work for the individuals needs is vital, here are gelert's six key points to consider when buying:

Magnification - Can be described with two numbers seperated by a x. For example, 8 x 21mm, The first number is the magnification, so they magnify up to eight times. The second number is the size of the objective lens in millimetres. The bigger the objective lens, the more light enters, so the brighter the object will appear.
Zoom - Great versatile feature to adjust the magnification to suit your needs.
Exit Pupil - This is the beam of light that exits each eyepiece of the binocular and enters the eyes. The larger the exit pupil, the brighter and more superior the image will appear.
Eye Relief - Refers to the furthest distance behind the binoculars eyepieces at which the whole field of view can be atteined and is measured in millimetres.
Near Focus - The Minimum distance to which a pair of binoculars can be focused.
Field Of View - This is the widest dimension from left to right that you can see when looking through the binoculars.
We also have stainless steel flasks in 750ml, 1Ltr and 1.5Ltr in the same section.

See the items above and if you need any assistance, please, feel free to call and speak to one of our customer service advisers, should you need to.