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Car Boot Liners

Leisureshack offer a complete solution to most cars for a heavy duty, robust and tailor-made car boot liner. Keep the rear of your car free from dirt, from such things as:

Pets, golf equipment, fishing tackle and tools to be able to maintain the new look and condition that the carpet was in when new!

Our Car Boot Liners:

  • Are made of durable plastic
  • Are Waterproof
  • Are Odor Free
  • The material is resistant to high and low temperatures as well as oils and chemical spillages.
  • Perfectly fit the boot of the respective model of car or van.
  • Are equipped with a special anti slip section in the middle, which helps the loads that are being carried to stay in place.
  • Have a 5.5 / 6cm high protective lip around the perimeter to trap dirt and water.
  • Boot liners flexible and very light which makes installing and removing them from the boot very easy.
  • Car boot liner be easily rolled up, when not in use, for storage.
  • Have clearly marked places where holes for cargo belts can be cut out if needed.
  • All boot liners easy to clean, just remove from the boot and hose down and simply wipe clean.

Car Boot Liner Advantages

Are you keen on windsurfing, tennis, golf, skiing or any other sports discipline?

Are you passionate about gardening or fishing?

Do you go out shopping regularly?

If so a car boot liner can benefit you greatly, the boot of you car is often exposed to dirt or getting damaged by the types of loads being carried.

Our car boot liners perfectly fit the boot of your car ensuring protection against dirt, dust and water whilst carrying dirty loads.
Looking for extra storage for your vehicle? Leisureshack also provide car roof boxes, high quality durable boxes at highly competitive prices.