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Camping Kettles, Cook Sets, Dining Sets and Portable Toilets

Camping out and the closeness to Mother Nature always makes me hungry so, we at leisureshack can provide solutions to these needs by offering the means to be able to, make a hot drink and keep some of your modesty by using practical implements to eat your food with. Just because you are in a different environment, when camping out, it does not mean that you have to eat like the wild man of Borneo. leisureshack can help to provide the essential tools for enjoying a meal outdoors, whether camping, or, having the barbeque out in your own back garden.
From camping essentials like dining sets, cook sets, kettles, and portable toilets leisureshack has it all in the categories above.

Our customer service advisers are here to help, should you need us.

Camping Cook Sets and Dining Sets

An essential part of caravanning or camping that you need is cook sets and dining sets to prepare your meals and something to eat off. We have a range of back packing cook sets to the more larger size for families, couples and small groups.

Camping Kettles and Portable Toilets

Stainless steel whistling kettles are ideal for camping and outdoor cooking when you need to make yourself a cuppa or boil your water for your dried food. And once you had had your drinks you may need to use the loo, this is where a portable toilet is an essential, we have the budget kampa khazi that uses no chemicals and is basically 5 litre bucket with the added extra of being able to sit down in comfort on a stable adult sized toilet seat, instead of hovering over a bucket. The bucket has a lid and a spout front so you can go and empty the contents easily when finished but well worth the price or the more expensive kampa portaflush which is a chemical portable flush toilet with a thick wall construction, double sealed valve protects against leakage and odours, and both tanks are in one piece construction with no seams. It also has an adult size seat for greater comfort, and convenient large tanks which are easy to empty.