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Campingaz El Prado 1800 Gas Barbecue

Price £115.00
Campingaz El Prado 1800 Gas Barbecue
The Campingaz El Prado 1800 Gas Barbecue that fit with various lifestyles, taking the hard work out of barbecuing, giving more time to relax with friends and family.
The patended new cooking system on the campingaz el prado 1800 gas barbecue provides an even heat for easier, more consistent barbecuing and when the cooking has finished, cleaning couldn't be easier.
  • Less smoke and flare-ups ensures a "tear-free" cooking experience.
  • Evenly distributed heat means fewer cold and hot spots, giving you greater cooking control to create perfectly cooked food.
  • Dishwasher-safe, 2-part enamelled grill makes cleaning a simple and hassle-free task.
  • Easier on the environment and on your pocket...50% less gas consumption*.
  • Heat indicator.
  • Side tables.
  • Enamelled cooking grids.
  • Burners made of: Aluminium Alloy
  • Grease drawer.
  • Power: 4kW.
  • Weight: 25kg.
  • Size: Width 112cm, Height 113cm, Depth 45cm approx.
  • Cooking area: 1800cm².
  • Operates Off: Butane or Propane Gas Cylinder, gas regulator and gas pipe needed to suite cylinder (not supplied).
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  • £115.00
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