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Dog Guard

Dog Guards For Cars Here at Leisureshack, we cater for 99% of vehicles that require a dog guard to restrain your pet from joining you in the front of your car. We stock dog guards from manufacturers, Saunders, who are a specialist dog guard company, which offers maximum security for keeping even the most determined dog in the back! Designed so that no drilling or screws are required for fitment, ensuring your car's interior remains in top condition. Saunders are top quality dog guards and are great value for money and we also stock universal dog guards from summit and open access designed to fit cars with adjustable head rests.

Which Type Of Dog Guard Do I Need

Now comes a choice you need to make a tubular type or mesh type of dog guard?
A tubular car dog guard is usually more suitable for larger dogs, but not always, In some cases, with larger breeds, your monsters will push their heads through the bars and just pull the dog guard out of its fittings, little monkeys aren’t they? Tubular are not so suitable for smaller breeds simply because they can wriggle through the gap between the bars and join you in the front of the car again, so, for smaller breeds and boisterous boys, and girls, a mesh car dog guard will be a lot more suitable for your needs.
To help you with your choice, here is a brief description of both types of car dog guards.

Tubular Type Dog Guards

Tubular dog guards are made of tubular steel for maximum strength, with an attractive and hardwearing grey finish. They are also height and width adjustable. The bars are spaced at 6.7cm intervals - considered to be the optimum balance of protection and visibility.

Wire Type Mesh Dog Guards

Wire mesh dog guards have a high quality steel frame, 2" square welded mesh, and a black satin finish. They are height and width adjustable. All of our car dog guards are easily removed and fitted with no tools required for assembly or fitting, no holes need to be drilled, and no permanent fittings required to the vehicle.

Did you know that eg a 50lb border collie would be thrown forward with force equal to nine 12 stone men in a 30mph crash - enough to kill a car passenger or driver.

If you are not sure which dog guard to order, simply call us and speak to one of our advisers who will help you with your decision. Whichever way you go, be assured that you, as the driver, your passengers and of course your beloved hound, will be a lot safer with a car dog guard fitted in the rear of your car, and therefore your journey will be less stressful, all round.