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Leisureshack are able to offer a range of tow bars to suit all Mercedes models including the mercedes a-class tow bar, mercedes b-class tow bar, mercedes c-class tow bar, mercedes e-class tow bar, mercedes m-class tow bar, mercedes sprinter tow bar, mercedes vaneo tow bar, mercedes v-class tow bar and the mercedes vito van tow bar. These bars in most cases are available for hatchback, saloon, coupe and estate models.
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Bosal Tow Bar Range for all makes of cars:-
The growing need for versatility of the car has led to an increasing demand for towbars. They increase the efficiency of day-to-day work and also offer many benefits for leisure activities. Whether towing a horsebox, caravan or boat, transporting bicycles or using a trailer, Bosal has the towbar for the job:
Swan Neck Tow Bars
The bosal standard swan neck towbar is the most popular type of tow bar sold at the moment, due to its looks and easy use for trailers, caravans and cycle carriers. The towball is integral with the car and cannot be removed without the use of tools. It uses tried and tested technology of the highest standard.
Flange Ball Tow Bars
The bosal flange type towbar is suitable for heavy-duty towing and is therefore ideal for commercial and off-road vehicles. The design is compatible with two- and four- hole fixings (height adjustable) depending on the vehicle type.
Height Adjustable Flange Tow Bars
The bosal height adjustable flange ball type tow bar is suitable for all normal and heavy duty towing and is therefore recommended for all car types, commercial and off road usage.
Fixed Welded Tow Bars
The bosal fixed tow bar has a welded towball to the bar system and therefore not removable. The tow bar is designed to fit perfectly and undergoes every task without a problem.
Detachable Tow Bars
Car manufacturers invest heavily in the design of their cars. A fixed towbar upsets the balance and symmetry of the car’s original design. Bosal detachable towbars are the answer because they can easily be removed when not needed, leaving the line of the car as the designer intended. The detachable towbar also has practical advantages – it doesn’t obscure low mounted number plates or catch on clothing when not in use.
Eco Detachable Tow Bars
The bosal eco fit detachable tow bar combines reliability and ease of mounting with excellent value for money. The bosal eco fit is the detachable solution for every motorist. The towball can be attached quickly and easily and also can be locked against theft by using the key system.
Vertical Detachable Tow Bars
The bosal vertical detachable tow bar is the ultimate detachable system that is completely invisible after detaching. The socket plate rotates and is hidden behind the bumper. The towball can be attached quickly and easily and also can be locked against theft by using the key system.
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