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Car Roof Box

Leisureshack are a car roof box specialist and the UK's leading distributor of Mont Blanc and Thule roof box ranges - with a solution available to suit everyone's budget and needs. If you are looking to upgrade your car's storage capacity with a roof box, Leisureshack has a wide range of car roof boxes to suit your needs

Quality Roof Boxes at Low Prices

Thule are the market leaders in car roof boxes with the Mont Blanc series providing a superb value for money roof top box - All Mont Blanc vista roof boxes are fully lockable, sleek and aerodynamic in design. We also stock the range of Thule roof boxes including the Atlantis roof box range and the new motion roof box range. Both the motion and atlantis roofboxes have the claw fitment system that makes locating your roof top box as easy as possible. We also stock the Mont Blanc roof box range which offers a line up that is hard to match in terms of size and design for the amount of money. The Vista roof box series offers carrying capacities from 320 to 540 litres in a sturdy aerodynamic package. With modern day cars catering more for the occupants needs instead of boot space the Mont Blanc roof box range offers a practical solution to carrying all the items you need either for a weekend break or a full European excursion. Looking for roof bars? Leisureshack also stock a wide range of roof bars suitable for almost all vehicles.

What’s The Difference Between Thule And Mont Blanc

Both makes of boxes are made of abs plastic and are crash tested and they both do the same job, they fit to roof bars on your roof and are used to carry items. The main difference’s are that the thule motion roof boxes open both sides, where as the mont blanc vista roof boxes only open on the near side (left hand), all thule motion’s are a painted gloss silver or gloss black finish so they are really easy to clean where the mont blanc vista’s are a matt orange peel finish and can be harder to clean apart from the vista 450 gloss black.
But the main feature between the roof boxes are the way they fit onto your roof bars, mont blanc use a u-clamp system where you put the u-clamp under the bars then through the holes in the box with a metal plate inside and then two big plastic wing type nuts to screw the box down tight, a good idea but generally you need two people to fit it and you have to lean right over the car to tighten up the opposite side, which can be a bit of a problem if your vehicle is suv or mpv or if you are not very tall. The thule uses a claw type fitting which clamps round the roof bars, basically you open the roof box slide the clamps into the right position and then tighten them down by screwing a jam jar lid size hand grip which then brings the clamps together around the bars. Now instead of reaching over the box to tighten the opposite side, you can close the lid, walk around the other side of the vehicle and open the box and repeat the same process.

No Room For A Roof Box! - We May Have The Answer With A Soft Roof Box

The Thule Ranger soft roof boxes are just as safe and functional as regular rigid roof boxes. The big advantage of the soft roof box is that they need much less storage space. This in combination with a number of smart features, such as, a strong waterproof material covering, with sealed seams and zippers, mark these soft boxes with the true quality of a Thule product. Simply lift it up, unfold it, and place it onto the roof of your vehicle, fix with the smart easy-snap system, load up, and you are ready for your trip.

Thule Ranger Soft Roof box features

Foldaway for easy transport & storage - Collapses into a small package that easily fits in the boot of your car.
Easy-snap on, quick mounting system for simple fitting of the box, No tools are required.
Made of waterproof material with taped seams and a sealed zipper with an integrated lock.
Special bag for storing the collapsed box, included.