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Snow Chains And Snow Socks

If you are planning on driving to the ski resorts this season, snow chains are vital. Attached to the wheels, snow chains are used to give friction between the wheels & the snow, providing essential grip for what can sometimes be hazardous road conditions. Snow chains are not just for use in ski resorts they can of course be just as useful in the UK.

Leading Names

Here at Leisureshack we now stock Thule snow chains and when the winter comes, Thule has the snow chain that gets you there safely, easily and in style. Thule is proud to offer the smartest snow chains produced at their factory in the Italian Alps. Design is just as important as safety and functionality. Every Thule snow chain is made to work long and hard with that most design-intensive of products - the car. Thule, working day by day with the world's leading car manufacturers, is on the forefront of innovations in snow chains and the goal is always the same: to get you where you want to go!

Polar Snow Chains

We also stock Polar snow chains who have been established as a snow chain supplier since 1987. During that time they have built up considerable experience and can offer knowledgeable advice as to which snow chain is most suitable to your vehicle.
If you are planning to drive on any Alpine roads, did you know that it is compulsory to carry a set of Snow Chains and other emergency products, even for 4x4 vehicles. You can face an on the spot fine if you are not carrying these products.

Isse Snow Socks

The ISSE classic snow sock is an alternative to snow chains and is designed to be used on snow and ice. Made from 100% polyolefin the snow sock gives an increase in the friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces. As a result the textile snow sock is effective on snow and ice and gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains.

So How Many Snow Chains Do I Need?

On a 4x4, you will need one set fitted on the front wheels, making sure you have the 4 wheel drive engaged.
On a front wheel drive, you will need one set fitted on the front wheels.
On a rear wheel drive, the safest way is to have two sets on the vehicle (one on each wheel) or alternatively one set on the rear wheels, but this leave you with reduced grip at the front of the vehicle.

How Do I Look Up Snow Chains For My Vehicle?

Choose your rim / tyre size from the list above, which will then go to another screen with all the tyre sizes for that rim size.
Then choose the correct size that is on your tyre wall, which will then go to the correct part number you need.
Then add to basket and continue to our secure checkout.

What Does It Mean On The Side Of My Tyre?

ie, 225/55 x 16

- Is the Width of your Tyre.
55 - Is the Profile of your Tyre (rim to edge).
16 - Is Rim / Tyre Diameter.