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Camping Tents

Here at leisureshack we have a large range of camping tents available including adventure, family, weekend, festival and occasional user camping tents.

Various options

Are you one of the many people considering going under canvas for the first time this coming season? You are, then consider these questions Who makes the best camping tents and camping equipment?
Where can i get the best advice regarding these products?
Most importantly, What's it going to cost?

Here at Leisureshack, we stock Kampa & Highlander Camping Tents.

We keep a range of camping tents from kampa and highlander.

Your choice of  camping tents depends on a variety of things.

How many of you are there to consider for your trip?
How comfortable do you want to be?
How long are you going for?

At leisureshack, we can help you choose and make your camping experience one that you will want to repeat again and again.

You may be thinking of going away on holiday.
You may be going to a music festival.
You may be thinking of back packing up kilamjaro.
Or simply putting a tent up, in the back garden, for the children to play in.

Here at leisureshack, we cater for all of these needs and can help you make the right decision, first time around.

Right, now that we have decided which family tent, weekender tent or festival tent is the most suitable for your individual needs, you now need to consider what accessories you will need to make your camping experience memorable.
Our camping tents offer the best in both, quality and of course, value for money.

Don't be shy, pick up the telephone and ask one of our advisers to help you make the right choices for your camping experience.

Utility Tents

We also stock a range of utility tents from kampa and coleman including shower / toilet tent, and the coleman event shelter in three sizes with all the accessories including the groundsheet, sunwalls and door.

Beach Shelters

Beach shelters offer an easy solution to those burnt shoulders and head! With the increasing dangers of skin cancer this is a must to use on the beach, camping or in the garden. One of our most popular is the coleman sundome with a UV rating of 50+ this spacious shelter provides comfort and convenience when you want to relax and unwind.

Tips For Camping

It is always good to unpack your tent and check it before you set off on holiday. Make sure you have everything you need (pegs, poles, instructions etc.) and check the tent for any damage. If it's a new tent, do the same, and also make sure you understand the instructions and can pitch the tent. Have a practice pitch in the back garden before you go to familiarise yourself with how it goes together.

If you are new to camping try out a site somewhere near home first, just in case you forget anything. Then the more you enjoy it the further you will go!

At the beginning of each season, air your camping tent out and seal every seam. This will keep dew and rain on the outside all season long. Before setting off make a checklist on the things that you will need on your camping trip. Be sure to take a peg mallet and a tent peg extractor. These inexpensive products save a lot of heartache and allow you to easily set up and break camp in any soil condition.

Pitch your tent with a door away from the direction of the wind. Avoid setting your tent up near stagnant water as this is home to lots of biting insects such as mosquitoes & midges. Be sure to take the right pegs for the terrain you are camping on.

Remember to pitch your tent so that the door is out of the oncoming wind, so that you don't get a breeze in the tent. Partially unzip the upper window in your tent to remove unwanted moisture and condensation from respiring sleepers. On muggy nights, also zip open a lower window to draw cooler air. Zip open your sleeping bag for a few minutes every morning to remove moisture, then shake the bag to restore insulation loft. You'll sleep warmer and extend the life of your sleeping bag.

Never use a stove or fuel lantern in your tent. Pack a battery-operated lantern or wind up torches for use inside your tent. Don't leave nylon tents out in the sun for long periods of time. UV exposure will shorten tent life.

Make sure your tent is completely dry before packing away. Check the surface that you are pitching on to see that there are no sharp objects or stones hidden in the grass that might puncture your ground sheet or make for an uncomfortable surface to sleep on. Pitching under trees can give you good shade from the sun, but can be a pain when it rains, as after the rain has stopped the trees will continue to drip. Always take all your rubbish away with you. Many biting insects are particularly active between dusk & dawn, so remember to especially cover up between these hours.