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Vehicle Covers

Caravan cover, car cover, motorcycle cover, motorhome cover and other vehicle covers have become more popular recently. And why not, with more people owning caravans and motor homes these days, why should you risk getting them damaged or weather beaten when you can simply cover your prize possession and protect it from the elements with a simple to use vehicle cover supplied to you by Leisureshack.

Caravan Covers

Our kampa breathable caravan covers are a triple layer, non woven water resistant polypropylene and are designed to shield your caravan from the adverse effects of rain, frost, UV rays, tree sap and bird droppings, keeping your van in prestige condition.

Motor Home Covers

Our breathable motorhome covers protects against uv rays, rain and wind, dust and snow and ice and has lashing straps and zip openings to allow for easy fitting and are available in various sizes.

Car Covers And Motorcycle Covers

Our premium waterproof and breathable universal car covers and motorbike covers are designed to keep your car and bike in tip top condition in all types of weather conditions.

As a company, we are able to provide a water resistant, breathable, lightweight and protective cover for most types of vehicles and all the covers are made from a non scratch material that ensures, paintwork and windows on your vehicles, will not suffer damage from the movement of these covers in either, high winds or storms.
As always, our customer service representatives are here to help, should you need us.